Since 1975 Applied Air has been a leading innovator in the HVAC industry, offering a wide range of products for commercial or industrial applications. With years of design, research and development, Applied Air offers its service-oriented expertise and reliability to ensure the high-quality standards that architects, engineers, building owners, and plant managers have come to rely on from one of the industry leaders. Today Applied Air manufactures air handlers with electric heat or natural gas heat. Natural gas systems can be direct or indirect and comply with all ANSI, UL, and ETL safety standards. Cooling coils can be specified in many cases. Systems are available with up to 100.000 cfm of air handling. In addition, Applied Air “air turnover” products have been providing uniquely efficient HVAC solutions to very large/very tall buildings for over 25 years. Air turnover units are also available with electric or natural gas heat and DX or ChW cooling coils. Air turnover fans can provide up to 81,000 cfm. DDC controls are available.

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