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Virtual Reality

In recent days a company created a virtual world that showed the application of a real world product.  In their case the real world product was firearms.  The object of the game was basically to kill as many of your enemies as possible using a firearm of choice.  I will not go into the sociopolitical discussion of whether or not this is a good thing.  It was financially successful for the company to develop, so from their perspective I’m sure it is considered a success.

My company also creates virtual worlds that show the application of real world products.  In our case the real world products are heating, air conditioning, and ventilation products.  The object of our virtual world is to improve comfort and in some cases actually save lives.

In our business the control of temperature and air is what our products are intended to do.  The problem is that air is invisible.  So how can we know in advance that our products will make someone comfortable or prevent a drug from becoming unusable or even dangerous.  The way we do this is by creating a virtual world.

In our business we use software called CFD, “Computational Fluid Dynamics”, to create virtual buildings filled with equipment, storage racks, and temperature sensitive products.  After this model is created we then create virtual HVAC equipment.  This virtual equipment is modeled after our real equipment.  These HVAC units are then positioned where we believe they will produce the best results.  Many times our experience provides the best result.  However, sometimes the application is more difficult.  In those cases we let the computer determine the best location and best characteristics of our product in order to provide the best result.

This process can sometimes take several days but the end result is a building that performs the way that it was intended to perform.  And when that happens, occupants are more comfortable or temperature sensitive drugs continue to be stored at the proper temperature.

Virtual worlds can be created for many different reasons.  We have chosen to create virtual worlds that provide great benefit to mankind.