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An Old Solution to a New Problem


Data centers are popping up all over the world but they all face a common problem...too much energy being consumed by the "non-revenue" part of the electrical load.  Cooling the sea of blade servers in a modern data center is an energy-intensive process that must be controlled.  Microsoft and others have concluded that the old methods of cooling data centers are no longer necessary.  Extremely cold temperatures and tightly controlled humidity levels have been proven to contribute little to overall system stability and reliability.  This has opened the door for the use of a time-tested, low energy, "green", technology for cooling...evaporative cooling.  Applied Air is reintroducing our Aztec line of indirect, or indirect/direct, evaporative cooling systems for data centers.  The Aztec ASC line of products includes extensive outside air filtering, DDC controls with remote monitoring capability and very high efficiency heating technology.  Under the new guidelines issued by ASHRAE and the new conditions promoted by Microsoft, and others, you will find that the Aztec ASC product will provide the required air temperatures for most data centers located west of the Mississippi...without the need for expensive compressor operation.